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About us

The Chain Collective helps founders bring projects to life.
Whether you're looking for experienced hands on advice or an extended cofounding team, we partner with you from Day One.

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Product Design & Tokenomics

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We help you shape your product to ensure sustainable competitive advantage.

We design a token table that balances the trifecta of investor expectations, smooth market operations, and maximized treasury value. We deliver a token architecture that clarifies token flow and generates compelling utility.

Business & GTM Strategy

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We assess the landscape and help you define your strategic position, differentiate yourself from your competitors and optimise your business model.

Once the market is mapped, we craft the most effective routes to acquire and delight users, paving the way to a loyal community.

Technology Advisory and Audit

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We appraise the technology set up from architecture to delivery as a foundation for projects to make a lasting impact.

A good product runs on top of good engineering. The right Blockchain, the right code, the right architecture, and the right tools make the right product.

Brand Strategy

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We develop your unique brand identity and positioning to ensure that you are noticed.

We ensure brand consistency to increase your brand equity over time and to deliver a superior experience for your community.

Legal & Regulatory

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We handle all your legal and regulatory needs, from entity formation and regulatory approvals to agreements and internal policies, and also devise tax efficient structures and processes.

Investment & Capital Raise

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Beyond investing ourselves, we also introduce projects to our investor network including influential angel investors and top tier VCs.

Marketing Strategy & Community

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We formulate the marketing narrative, roadmap and implement in accordance with the project’s objectives and target audience.

We build excitement ahead of token launch and amplify engagement through media distribution and KOLs, thereby achieving the price that your token deserves.

Token Launch Management

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We orchestrate market making, messaging, community and listing for an effective token launch.

Ecosystem & Partnerships

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We leverage our vast network and real-time market intelligence to create synergies and key partnerships for projects.

The composability of Web3 allows us to build ecosystems and compound communities.

Liquidity & Treasury Management

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We compute initial liquidity levels, and their evolution, to ensure smooth market participation by token holders while suppressing economic exploits.

We strategize and implement operations that maximize treasury profits, optimize diversification and safeguard assets, while maintaining the desired level of risk.

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Below are some of the projects we have partnered with as advisors and investors.

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A picture of our team member Karan Vaswani

Karan Vaswani

CEO + Legal and Regulatory + Fundraising + Ecosystem Partnerships + GTM Strategy

A picture of our team member Pooja Vaswani

Pooja Vaswani

COO + Client Relations + Launch Management + Liquidity Management + Treasury Management

A picture of our team member Anish Mohammed

Anish Mohammed

Protocol Design + Tokenomics + Technology Advisory and Audit